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Quander Capture is our collection of apps and solutions to capture consumer data.

Whether you just need simple event registration and check in, or a solution to capture and share consumer data at conferences in real time with exhibitors, we have everything that you need.


Paired with the Quander Engage suite, any content captured at your event will instantly appear in your guests timeline within the Quander Capture portal.

The Quander Capture for web application is also highly customisable. It takes minutes to create your registration page with your own branding and copy.


The Quander Capture mobile app for Android will allow you to check-in customers upon arrival.

Not only this, but you have the option to assign an RFID wristband, lanyard or printed QR Code to individual customers. This will allow exhibitors to tap customers in at large conferences so that they can re-contact them.


If you’d like to target a new demographic, it’s worth doing it right.

The Quander Capture ChatBot allows guests to quickly register for your event through Facebook Messenger.

All of their photos and videos from Quander Engage also appears in Facebook Messenger for them to share instantly.