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Quander Engage is our app for iOS that allows you to capture fully branded, high quality photos and videos at events.

Paired with Quander Capture, any content captured at your event from Quander Engage will instantly appear in your guests timeline within the Quander Capture web app.

Shareable Output

Whether it’s one VIP experience or a conference for thousands, our app has been tried and tested and is easily scalable.

Never before has there been a single app on the market with so many options. The only limit is your imagination.

External Cameras

Quander Engage supports most Sony mirrorless cameras with WiFi and the GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 6.

You can stream and capture videos and photos directly to your iPad.

The Quander Engage app will control the camera and brand your video or photo once it’s downloaded within seconds.

Customisable UI

Our app is yours, completely customise the look and feel including buttons, fonts, colors text, and logos to match your brand.

Running an exhibition? Sign up to Quander and offer a fully branded Quander Engage app to all of your exhibitors.

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